Driven by our customers business needs we recommend an architecture that functionally enhances the user experience across different management levels in an enterprise.

  • IP telephony with Avaya
  • Bring Your Own Device'(BYOD) concepts that enable users to have a consistent experience.
  • Migrating from a legacy communication architecture allowing businesses a choice of devices, scale and flexibility
  • Consulting enterprises for compliance and regulatory issues

Simplified communications hybrid architecture that functionally enhances the user experience across different management levels.


Provide a flexible, rich, uninterrupted and user-friendly experience that drives value for your business.

ABS provide Unified Communications as a Managed Cloud Service for our customers who want to outsource the management of their communications whist providing options for their users:

  • Advanced caller display for help desk staff
  • Conference and virtual meeting experience for communicating with staff, suppliers and customers
  • Wireless solutions allowing access to business-critical information
  • Online portal
  • Auto-attendant, automated call routing
  • Mobile office
  • Remote office / home office
  • Reporting and data to drive your business

We ensure that your business needs are at the center of our proposed solution and that it is easy to manage from a single view and provides a simplified end user experience.

Our Unified Communication Solution encompass

  • IP telephony architectures with Avaya for single location/geography to multi location/geographies
  • Integrated Unified Communications and collaboration through “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) concepts
  • Migration from legacy architecture to Unified Communications
  • Flexibility of device and scale
  • Compliance assurance
  • Simplified architecture

We can enhance your Unified experience to incorporate

  • Audio visual integrations for
    • Meeting rooms
    • Indoor and outdoor areas
    • Training facilities/rooms
    • Boardrooms
    • Guest access
    • Tele-presence
  • Best practices, policies and procedures
  • Network and end user management