End User Experience Optimization

End users benefit from new levels of efficiency and reliability from your virtual desktop environment. ABS’s solution leverages industry technologies to provide end users:

  • Immediate access to applications and data
  • Role based application access
  • Single sign-on access to everything they need
  • Rapid reconnect from any virtual devices
  • Freedom to move about and stay connected
  • Remote access as defined by your policies and security parameters
  • Personalized desktop experience

Virtual Desktop

Businesses today are looking for ways to leverage digital information systems to achieve improved access for end users in the office, meeting rooms, hallways, or when they are mobile. They need to enable quick, secure, and easy access from any device from anywhere that allows the user to focus on the business.

Virtual desktops can be integrated into a business’s current infrastructure, providing a fast, secure and stable experience. We will work with your team to customize an architecture that is right for you and with a focus on:

  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Technology adoption
  • Increased data security
  • Streamlined workflows

Virtual Desktop Optimization

Many companies have made VDI investment but are unhappy with its performance. Allow ABS to assess and solve your VDI problems. Our Virtual Workspace Optimization improves productivity for end users by optimizing your infrastructure, reducing costs through rapid deployment, consistent desktop and applications and easier support. Moreover, we can maximize the investment you have already made in technology.

Some of the key areas assessed include:

  • Initial login analysis
  • Desktop reconnect timing
  • Optimization of user data and settings
  • Application delivery strategies in a virtual desktop environment
  • Optimal virtual desktop image management
  • Back-end infrastructure cost-to-performance ratio
  • Printing strategies within a roaming environment
  • End-point device management