What is Device as a Service (DaaS)

It’s Facilitating the procurement of a device (tablet, laptop, desktop,VDI, printer, phone) bundled with your choice of services, i.e. deployment, management, security, software and end of life recycling. IT managers are saying more than 67% of resource allocation is currently spent on device management and not the innovation of the business.

With our DaaS solution we can:

  • Provide your business with the comfort of financial predictability, spending optimisation and reduced burden on technology departments
  • Hardware Leasing and End-to-end lifecycle services combined into one per device monthly contract
  • Bundling of hardware, software and services together to provide unified, multi-type, multi-OS, technical support and lifecycle management
  • Standardised HW & SW configurations allowing for rapid deployment of new or replacement devices seamlessly and with minimal interruptions

DasS Journey

DasS Journey

Plan Transition Onboard Procure
  • Device / OS / App Review
  • Network readiness / group policy assessment
  • Office 365 readiness or adoption
  • Security gap analysis
  • Agree SLA
  • Agree finance strategy
  • Device / management / app remediation
  • Security remediation
  • Data transition
  • Define device enrollment process
  • Application packaging
  • Business application delivery process
  • Governance structure
  • End user adoption
  • Online procurement portal
  • Quote and order management
Enroll Asset Management Monitor Refresh
  • Device enrollment or imaging
  • Setup applications
  • Setup device in asset management
  • Planning
  • Tagging
  • Registration and reporting
  • Spares tracking (if appropriate)
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Service meetings
  • CSIP process
  • Asset collection
  • Data backup or secure data wipe
  • Reassign or decommission
  • Environmentally friendly device disposal

Refresh your Businesses IT faster than through a traditional procurement method complete with the most advance security in the industry

Flexible, Scalable Service Designed to Provide Your Business With The Services It Needs.

Increased IT Effectiveness

Reduced Security Risk

Predictability and Control of IT Costs

Consistent Positive End-User Device Support and Experience from Anywhere

  • 24/7 SPOC Centre
  • 0800 145 5225
  • Customer Portal
  • Warranty Support
  • Onsite Device Support
  • EndPoint Security
  • Encryption
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security Analytics
  • Identity & Policy

Does your business need a simplified operating model for endpoint support and procurement? We can provide a seamless, timely, high-quality end-user assistance without compromising control, compliance or security. Our DaaS solution functions as an extension of your IT team to support your end user and manage and protect their devices. Our management tools provide monitoring and proactivity device management in an efficient all-inclusive environment with a predictable budget.

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