With the rate of change in IT, small businesses are being presented with more and more choices for services than ever before. Also, they are presented with more and more threats to their business due to technology than ever before.

Making the decision that’s right for your business and budget is becoming harder, especially for small businesses who tend not to have CIO’s or strategy officers, or even in some cases IT departments.

If you are facing these challenges, we can help:

  • Strategy setting – what is right for your business needs and budget
  • Processes and guidance – always know what your options are
  • Security planning – above all protect and secure your IT devices and infrastructure
  • Implementation – we can help you implement your plan. Click here to see our packages  

If you need extra support, we offer an SME Managed Service Solution through our Single Point of Contact Centre (SPOC) which provide SMEs with:

  • Standard Business Day Help Desk
  • Expanded 24/7 Help Desk Option
  • 24/7 Device Monitoring and Management
  • Endpoint Device Protection
  • Security Assessment and Recommendation
  • Connectivity UK Wide
  • Voice Services
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile