Why ABS IT Services

We work with some of the world’s best technology partners to enable us to deliver tailor solutions across the manage and security spectrum to our customers. Customizable solutions fit their business needs.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Your business wide network is critical to your organization’s success. As traditional networks converge with newer technologies you need to ensure high-performance, and cost-effective solutions. The managing and monitoring of all its components, like switches, routers, access points, servers and firewalls become more time consuming and require resources. Especially as most networks are providing business critical services.

We are dedicated to our customers experience. We make your network our responsibility. With overflow and disaster recovery spread across our UK and India locations, we ensure compliance and reliability.

Our NOC sits within our SPOC, providing all customers

  • 24/7 availability monitoring
  • Incident logging and notification
  • Network device monitoring (CPU, Memory, Temp, Power)
  • Link level monitoring (Utilization, Error, Trend data)
  • Resolving network infrastructure issues
  • Capacity management
  • Patch and OS upgrades
  • Commission/Decommission link and device
  • Change management
  • Network security management
  • Network Policy compliance

Secure Operations Center (SOC)

ABS also can offer our customers another layer of service in conjunction with our top-tier partners, we provide comprehensive and advanced network security operations services to keep your network secure from threats. Through operational approach to security, focused on threat and vulnerability we reduce complexity while providing superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection across the extended network. Our full end-to-end approach includes discovery, architecture and deployment services related to all aspects of security including firewall, VPN and Intrusion Prevention Security.

We help you ensure that your network is:

  • Design for compliance with the regulatory environment
  • Deploy practical network security policies based on your organisational needs
  • Uses proactive security measures to enforce your policies
  • Monitored for visibility into activity
  • Identify and correlate anomalies
  • Mitigate threats before it’s too late
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment, PEN Testing & solution implementation