Knots to learn

Knots to learn

Following are (some of) the knots to learn before heading off to jungle trip or camping. Small demo videos from our knots expert Dryden. Bowline Knot – One of the simplest knots, but very effective in securing you or anyone else in trouble. Learn this knot as it could save your life! Fisherman’s Knot – Again a simple knot and effective knot to join the ropes. You could increase the strength of the join by making it double or triple fisherman’s knot. Half-hitch Knot – You would always make 2 half-hitches, most of the time to support another knot or as a non-critical knot to tie a rope against… read more

Go Ape

It was a very good Friday for some of the ABS team as they spent a bank holiday afternoon together, swinging from the trees at Go Ape in Alic… read more

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