Kannan has been with ABS since 2000, he is a core member of the team alongside Paul, Kiran and Pindy. Although he is an Oracle database programmer by trade, he is ‘multilingual’ in terms of the number of different programming languages he has to deal with.  He is passionate about programming, whether written by a professional or a novice; we have heard silent rumours that “if it is software, he’ll understand it”.

He is the head of software development in ABS and manages the largest team within the company spread across two countries.

Kannan is a passionate family man and yet alongside his work and parental commitments, somehow he still finds time to enjoy playing cricket every week and taking part in group cycling challenges! It’s true that this profile might make him sound like a ‘He-Man’ but … he still can’t eat tomatoes!!

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Dominick Da Costa

Dominick Da Costa

Dominick joined ABS in May 2013 as a Web Developer. He is also managing to keep ABS staff in Goa fit to get ready for Borneo Baptism. Read more about him...
Dominick Da Costa

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