Network & Security Solutions

 Be it firewall or VPN set up, we do what best suits your network & security needs.



What is a firewall?

A firewall is a network security system that protects a computer network from unauthorised access by establishing a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another network (e.g. Internet) that is not assumed to be secure.

Why would your business require firewall?

With the increased number of hackers and malicious programs on the Internet, security devices such as firewall has to be given an utmost importance in every organisation. Without a firewall, a hacker can easily penetrate your network and gain access to critical business information.

How can we help you with firewall security?

Keeping your security needs in mind, we can provide you with firewall solutions that best suit your needs. We support and provide firewall solutions from top notch brands such as Watchguard, CISCO, Juniper and Stonegate to name a few.

How can this benefit your business?

With our firewall solutions, you can:

  • Boost your network security 
  • Have a controlled access to organisation’s resources
  • Prevent and block hackers, malware and other attacks or intrusions


Virtual Private Network

What is a Virtual Private network (VPN) ?

It is a network technology that creates a secure network tunnel between two or more computer networks over a public network such as the Internet. It helps keeping communications over the Internet secure.

Why would your business require VPN?

Public networks like the Internet and WiFi hotspots are full of hackers who are waiting to steal sensitive information. If you ever need to work remotely or access sensitive data from your organisation’s private servers; doing so from unsecured public networks could compromise your company’s data and eventually the business.

How can we help you with VPN solution?

We can provide one or more VPN solutions based on what your needs are. For e.g.:

  • If your intention is to securely connect geographically separated branch offices – we can help you to setup and manage Branch Office VPNs (BOVPN)
  • If your intention is to provide secure remote access to people on the go via mobile phones, laptops etc. – we can help you to setup Mobile VPNs
How can this benefit your business?

With the right VPN solution, you can:

  • Ensure secure access to private network and share data securely over public networks.
  • Access data from anywhere – with any device supporting Mobile VPNs; thereby extending geographic connectivity to those people who are always on the move
  • eliminate the less secure or otherwise expensive Wide Area Network (WAN) access requirements and effectively extend your Local Area Network (LAN) across the globe

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