It’s an exciting time for ABS Goa team. We’re growing like crazy… We’ve added multiple teams, networking experts and support engineers in recent months; and our current office is bursting at the seams. We needed more than just a little elbow room, we needed flexibility for continued growth over the next several years. Even more importantly, we wanted working areas where our people could thrive.

Collaboration and communication are critical to our success, and traditional office environments don’t always promote those. When people stow away in individual offices, they don’t exchange information and share ideas as freely as they do when seated next to each other. They’re slower to ask for assistance and more likely to proceed under false assumptions. These certainly don’t match the principles of agile development.


Office With A View

With that in mind, we decided to make a dramatic change, shifting to open office floor plans in our new office. With an open floor plan, people aren’t segregated by walls; they share a large communal space. In our case, areas within that space were then set up for each of our development, server, network and support teams.

Our new office fosters better communication within teams and create constant opportunities for collaborative collisions across teams. Collisions occur when one group or individual overhears another discussing a roadblock or discovery. They chime in with an insight or experience that would have otherwise gone unheard. Collaborative collisions are incredibly valuable for a company like ABS, where creativity and innovation are keys to producing the best work.

Having determined that open floor plans were critical to living our values and growing our business; we realised that our current offices were no longer the best fit. So, we went office hunting. We did not have to look too far. In fact, we have moved just one floor. We are within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars, to create a culture around our offices where our teams can enjoy the community and conveniently socialise outside the office.


ABS’ Shiny New Goa Office

Everyone at ABS Goa is excited to settle in to our new spaces and experience the benefits they bring. Pop in some time to take a look and say ‘Hello’.

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