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You’ve heard it before, during pep talks or possibly having used it yourself, I’m talking about the phrase “It’s a Jungle out there!”, but how many of us really understand what it means?

Well I suspect most people would assume they have a firm grasp on the concept! However, HOW can that be true when the vast majority of people wouldn’t know the first place to start trying to SURVIVE in a real jungle? In my view, you either know something or you don’t! Therefore, in order for anyone to understand what “It’s a Jungle out there” actually means, they must have some sort of taught or first-hand experience. Teaching something like this to your staff through lectures and pep talks doesn’t always drive the point home. So, why not enable them to gain actual experience with a very real and dangerous, living, breathing, and blood-sucking leech infested jungle? That would do the trick!

Every company wants to succeed in their commercial objective and to do so they must have willing and able teams. ABS IT Services has a brilliant team with a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. For the past 2 years the team has achieved a great deal, with much bigger challenges to come in the following 2 years. We are expanding our business and taking on more staff, therefore it is imperative that all team members, old and new, have a tight bond. Some such bonds provide an essential confidence to all members that they can rely on, and find help from each other, no matter what challenges the business may throw them into. This is quite a management challenge; how do you ensure that a mixed band of women and men from different parts of the world, with different wants and needs, can perform at their best to achieve the business objectives and have no barriers between them? The answer came from our Support Services Director Kiran Mahay when she said the famous last words of “We would like to experience the real jungle” during a recent team meeting   –  and ABS Managing Director Paul Aujla obliged by birthing (not literally I hope you understand!) our Project Borneo Baptism.

Borneo Baptism is going to challenge the ABS staff to climb Borneo’s highest mountain (Mt Kinabalu) and trek (in dedicated military style) through the rain forest for 5 days. We will be emerging ourselves totally – living, eating and sleeping –  in the forest and learning to ‘live off the land’. This is extreme team building! Considering the usual life style of an IT worker, the team is undergoing preparation of the mind, body and soul for 6 months prior to trip.  This involves high amounts of; Physical Training, Jungle Training, Navigational Training, Survival Training and Well-being exercises/events, all to get fit and loose a few pounds (although if we get lost in the jungle I suspect we shall lose more than just a few!).  In addition to the team becoming healthier and happier, we will also improve our ability to work together and gain a better understanding of each other at a social level.

Why Borneo Baptism? – Well, we’re doing this in the rain forest in Borneo during the wet season with plenty of water coming down from the heavens above and in the large number of rivers to be crossed. It is certainly going to give us a whole body baptism experience! You can follow us through this adventure as we strive to achieve what we set out as our objective in the project document (to be published soon). The team is also involved in inventive activities to raise funds for this project whilst at the same time helping to raise funds for the various charities we support. Why don’t you come along for the ride and follow this blog for the next 6 months? Share in the pain and joy of Borneo Baptism, all you need to do is wish us ‘good luck’ and if you feel generous maybe contribute a little towards the charities we support. Meanwhile, we’re off for a run!

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