June 25

Trek to Tambdi Surla

Monsoons have hit Goa and believe me, it is a sight to behold. We decided to make full use of this opportunity by heading for a trek to “Tambdi Surla”, a nice picturesque village which is home to a 13th century rock temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev, also known to many as Shiva. The trek was meant to provide an insight into the kind of terrain we would be encountering in Borneo and to get a real world experience of a rain forest.

We started our day with a 2 hour drive to Tambdi Surla. After we paid our respects at the Mahadev temple we headed off into the jungle. On our way we encountered a variety of animals, from blood sucking leaches to a rather large group of monkeys. The leaches made us quite uncomfortable in the beginning but we never let them get under our skin. We were more than satisfied with the outcome of the trip. It provided us with some experience of what Borneo has in store for us and how we are to deal with it.

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Posted June 25, 2015 by Dominick Da Costa in category Borneo Baptism
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