March 28

5K Park Run

One of the biggest challenges that the ABS staff will face in Borneo will be the physical challenge of climbing 4,095m up Mount Kinabalu and trekking through rough jungle terrain for 5 days. Why will this be a huge challenge? Well when you consider that the majority of ABS staff spend their day sat down looking at their computer screens it is a big contrast to what they hope to be doing in Borneo. So in order for them to do this comfortably everybody will need to undergo some fitness training. But where is a good place to start? How about testing to see how fit you really are and then taking your training from there. This is exactly how the fitness training began at ABS; by undergoing a 5K Park Run. This was an opportunity for the staff to see how well they could run 5K, if at all! So on a cloudy Saturday morning at 9am some of the UK staff gathered to start the journey to the jungle. It was a good start for everyone, however, after finishing the first lap around Rushmore Park the challenge then came of a second lap in order to complete the full 5 Kilometres. To complete the second lap it came down to knocking down a mental barrier of “I’m tired, I can’t carry on”. For the most part the team managed to push through this mental barrier and finish the second lap. The end result was a sense of achievement for completing a 5K run but also an idea of what progress needs to be made in order to be fit enough for the jungle.

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2 thoughts on “5K Park Run

  1. Rusty

    Hi I will be visiting Borneo in August and would love to join in a parkrun. When and where are they held.

  2. RichardRichard


    Parkrun started over 10 years ago as a free timed 5k run, typically they are always at 9am on a Saturday morning, they have grown from one event to over forty five thousand events throughout the world in over a dozen or so countries and it’s all entirely free. Sadly they don’t have any events in Borneo just yet but they do have one in Singapore.

    Depending on your location you can visit the global site and find the country site to see which is closest to you.

    I am quite unfit, yet I have just run my 45th Parkrun it’s such a great idea and a fun event. If you have any questions I’d be happy to help you out.


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