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Our New Office In Goa

We have shifted to a swanky place in the fifth floor from the existing office in the 6th floor of Kamat Towers. The new premise is spacious with state-of-the-art infrastructure which will make our working life easier and achieve more in less time. In the new premise, we have isolated locations for each team so the team members can sit beside each other which will help them to interact and achieve more in the process. We have an exclusive pantry area for the staff to refresh themselves with hot and cold beverages and also have snacks during their breaks. The lighting has been planned in such a… read more

It’s an exciting time for ABS Goa

It’s an exciting time for ABS Goa team. We’re growing like crazy… We’ve added multiple teams, networking experts and support engineers in recent months; and our current office is bursting at the seams. We needed more than just a little elbow room, we needed flexibility for continued growth over the next several years. Even more importantly, we wanted working areas where our people could thrive. Collaboration and communication are critical to our success, and traditional office environments don’t always promote those. When people stow away in individual offices, they don’t exchang… read more

Knots to learn

Following are (some of) the knots to learn before heading off to jungle trip or camping. Small demo videos from our knots expert Dryden. Bowline Knot – One of the simplest knots, but very effective in securing you or anyone else in trouble. Learn this knot as it could save your life! Fisherman’s Knot – Again a simple knot and effective knot to join the ropes. You could increase the strength of the join by making it double or triple fisherman’s knot. Half-hitch Knot – You would always make 2 half-hitches, most of the time to support another knot or as a non-critical knot to tie a rope against… read more

Jungle Training in Isle-of-Wight – Experiences

Background It’s no good if you want to go on a jungle trip like Borneo Baptism, but haven’t prepared or understood what it would take to complete it. For me, I realised that I wasn’t even aware of the differences between a jungle, forest and woods!! All have trees, insects and animals – so what? I thought “I have been to many jungles” unt… read more

Trek to Tambdi Surla

Monsoons have hit Goa and believe me, it is a sight to behold. We decided to make full use of this opportunity by heading for a trek to “Tambd… read more

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Following the excitement when I first found out about our Borneo mission my Boy Scout’s mind was sent wandering into “Preparation”. Initially it was equipment, gadgets and anything else a beer bellied man pointlessly purchases only to be told it’s a waste of money by his other… read more

Bronze Award in Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)

We are incredibly proud to be a Bronze Award holder of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme 2015. read more

“Hike Snowdon!” – experiences

At Pyg Track car park before hiking Snowdon. All excited but a little worried about the weather to come, however progressed cautiously with enough kit and back-up plans in place. I’m sure by now you have already read about Borneo Baptism and understood what it is… read more

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