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Wireless home networking made easy

Why have home networks? In the old days most households just had a single PC which was connected to the internet as that was the only thing in your house that was capable of understanding the internet. Computer networks were just limited to commercial establishments or technophiles. If you weren’t into one of these you wouldn’t have to know anything about networking and still live a comfortable life. But today things have changed, average domestic internet speeds have increased when compared to a few years back. A single computer just does not suffice for a modern family. All this has… read more

Use of Internet and Social Media

Since time immemorial man has been finding innovative ways of communication. The Wikipedia definition of communication is “Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior.” As we have evolved so have the methods used in communicating. Sometimes, when we need to put our point across to a wider audience we need to use propaganda as a means to influence public opinion and sentiment. As time rolls by we have seen how technology has taken up every aspect of our life and now it… read more

BBM for Android

In this smart phone driven world, SMS has been a thing of the past. With several instant messenger apps available in the mobile market, mobile users are being provided with a lot of new options. From amongst those several instant messenger apps, “BBM” has indeed been the talk of the town lately. More because of its recent launch in the Android & iOS platforms. Yes! The much awaited BBM app for Android and iOS devices is finally here. Blackberry messenger app has now been officially launched as on October 21st 2013. After its disastrous failed first launch back in September 2013 due to… read more

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