We have shifted to a swanky place in the fifth floor from the existing office in the 6th floor of Kamat Towers. The new premise is spacious with state-of-the-art infrastructure which will make our working life easier and achieve more in less time.

In the new premise, we have isolated locations for each team so the team members can sit beside each other which will help them to interact and achieve more in the process. We have an exclusive pantry area for the staff to refresh themselves with hot and cold beverages and also have snacks during their breaks.

The lighting has been planned in such a way that it falls directly on the keyboard so there is a minimum glare and greater illumination. Natural daylight is also adequate in the new premise.

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Each team has their own notice boards to keep their team as well as other team members updated with the progresses made by them.  Personal lockers allows staff to keep their belongings safe and gives them confidence that their privacy hasn’t been compromised.

We have a separate 24U server rack with all the necessary kit to communicate to the outside world. The new premise is well-equipped with generators to give power within 20 seconds of alternating current (AC) power cut, thereby providing a potential 24×7 power supply to the office.

Staffs’ well-being is an utmost importance to us, so we have provided them with spacious tables and the chairs are designed to give virtually no strain to the spinal cord and there are many features which can be tuned to the individual’s comfort. Staffs are provided with a pair of 24” monitors to make their lives easier when they are working with multiple windows; which is quite common in a busy IT development / support company like ours. State-of-the-art telephones give even better experience when speaking to our clients located several thousand miles away. We have installed CCTV cameras to provide better security for our staff.



The panoramic view of Goa along with the beauty of Mandovi River and the never ending greenery in the surrounding mountain ranges provide an ideal environment for our staff to work in a stress-free environment or to relieve their stress when they are really busy solving complex issues. It is a pure joy to watch the hustle-bustle of Goa bus terminal during the rush hours from this new premise.

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